Review – Is It Legit?

This website is slightly rudimentary – it is easy to see that the company did not invest in its image and does not struggle to attract more customers.

On one side, the business had a great idea – it presented all the customer support agents on the website. In this way, clients will have the feeling that they talk to a human being, and not to a robot.

But on the other side, the company does not say anything about the writing team and their educational background.Online, there are also students’ testimonials who were fully satisfied with the papers received.

Types of Services

Unfortunately, does not have a separate page of services offered. Clients cannot know what they can order until going to the Prices and Discounts page. This is rather uncomfortable, because students don’t have much time to browse through the pricing list.

However, here are the types of services available on this website: essay writing (admission/application essay, argumentative essay, and assignment); dissertation (the whole paper or just parts of it like abstract, introduction chapter, literature review, methodology, results and so on); research papers or proposals; PowerPoint presentations; book and movie reviews; thesis services; speeches; lab reports and even math problems.

Additionally, the website offers editing and proofreading services, including formatting. These services are available for papers written by students or for those completed by the company’s writers.


The total cost of a best essaydepends on the type of paper, on the number of pages and on the urgency. This company does not offer multiple levels of quality, but only of academic stages. Thus, one can order papers for high school, college, undergraduate, master or PhD.

The prices for an essay start from $11.30 per page for high school level and 20 day delivery, and reach $44.95 per page for PhD level and 3 hour delivery. For instance, an essay that is to be completed in 24 hours costs $28.95 per page for high school level, $29.95 per page for college level, $32.95 per page for undergraduate level, $33.95 per page for master level and $38.95 per page for PhD level. In conclusion, the prices are quite high.

Editing services are also too expensive for students’ budgets. For a decent deadline of 48 hours, one must pay $12.15 per page for high school level, $12.15 per page for college level, $12.15 per page for undergraduate level, $14.25 per page for master level and $16.35 per page for PhD level. The prices for a 24 hour delivery are even higher, though this should have depended on the number of pages submitted. For instance, a client who wants editing for a five page essay, could not wait two or more days for delivery.

Although essay writing service reviews from the website are all positive and wonderful, they do not mention if the quality-price balance is great enough as to deserve to pay a fortune for these services.


This company has a strange discount program. Here is how it works: first, students have to place an order (the total cost does not matter); out of this order, 10% of the money go into a virtual and personal account of each client; then, for each paper bought, 5% of the total sum goes into this account. Also, the company offers bonuses, too, from time to time. When customers want to use the money from their account, they just have to click on ‘Use $$ from my Balance’, from the ordering page.

In the end, in order to benefit from discounts on this webpage, students have to spend money – the more, the better. This principle is not exactly efficient for them, as they don’t have a great financial situation. It would have been nicer from the company to just offer some discounts, without conditioning them on anything.


In conclusion, despite the essay writing services reviews on its page, is not that brilliant. First of all, the website does not have a Services page and these are not presented anywhere. Next, customers cannot learn anything about the writers’ background from the company. This is an important aspect, as only professional and experienced persons are capable of completing papers at high academic standards. Review – Is It Legit?

The essay service from this provider will ensure you the essay that you need if you are not in a hurry. The company obviously has a lot of clients and you should be prepared for some delay and limited revisions.

Types of Services has been offering its services for 12 years. This means a lot of writing projects completed and a really experienced team. According to their website, they have already helped 200,000 customers with their writing tasks.

The services of the company include essay writing, providing with a dissertation, a term paper; level coursework; assignment; GCSE Coursework, thesis; report, chart or others. Make sure to give detailed instructions what needs to be delivered.

Prices has quite reasonable prices which fit the budget of most of the students. The prices vary according your educational degree and to the deadline. Thus, if you manage to order your writing earlier, you will save some money. This will also give the freedom to ask for more revisions if you are not really satisfied with the quality of your paper:

  • For an essay, the quote per page vary from 11.30 dollars if the deadline is 20 days to 34.95 dollars if this is an urgent project which needs to be completed in 3 hours. These are the quotes for high school essays. The lowest quote for a college essay is 14.90 dollars per page; for undergraduate – 17.10; for Master – 22.90 and 23.90 for Ph. D. If you are in the Ph. D degree and need a really urgent essay, you will have to pay 44.95 dollars per page.
  • The fees from dissertation start from 14.95 dollars per page for Undergraduates, 19.95 dollars for Master and 21.95 dollars for Ph. D. The maximum prices vary from 27.95 dollars per pager for Undergraduates, 30.95 dollars for Master and 35.95 dollars for students from Ph. D. degree.
  • If you need editing, this will cost you from 7.60 dollars per page up to 29.75 dollars if you are Ph. D. student and need urgent editing.

Here is what you get for your money and what I really receive from when I pay them to write my essay:

  • A plagiarism-free content, checked with Copyscape. Thus, you will have no problems with plagiarism.
  • Strict meeting of all of your requirements even if you make some additions to them during the writing.
  • You can interact with your essay writer and discuss together your paper.
  • The company has a team of about 3,000 writers and editors. All of them have at least Master’s degrees. These professionals format and then proofread the papers in order to provide you with excellent quality.
  • You will receive a ready-to-submit paper on which you do not need to make corrections. Still, it is better at least to read it and to ask for some revisions if you need them.


This is the main problem with this provider. When you give your order on time, you will probably have no problems. But urgent projects sometimes do not have the desired quality. And then you will probably have no time for revisions. So, make sure to order your paper on time. Thus, you will have the time to revise it and ask for corrections. The team of is usually enthusiastic to make the desired corrections. Just, you need to provide them with enough time.

Summary will provide you with quality writing services. But the team of this provider definitely performs better when you give them enough time. So, if you aim an ‘A’ grade, make sure to order your paper early enough. If you have a highly limited time, this provider cannot guarantee you excellent results for an urgent project. Review – Is It Legit? offers all sorts of writing services to high school, college, and even graduate students. In that respect, it is pretty versatile. The list of its services includes writing essays, term papers, theses, coursework, homework, book reposts, research papers, dissertations, and a whole slew of other academic papers. For more information, you will have to check out their site, which is well-designed, and easy to navigate. As you will be able to see, they offer essay services for academic levels. In addition to that, if you are looking for an editor or a proofreader to improve your work and spot mistakes, they also have that listed as a service. Proofreading and editing services are free for every paper you order from them.

Type of Service

Despite their versatility, we have to point out that their services are not of equal quality, and even those that are decent can vary from time to time. You would expect an essay service to only use native writers to put together challenging academic papers. But, they use international writers, which is certainly nice, but most of them lack the writing skill to cope with such a demanding task, and they write average papers as a result. And while average might be sometimes good enough to get you out of a tough spot, you would still expect to get an essay which is well-researched and written, and unfortunately, that is not always the case with this company.


As far as reliability is concerned, this website certainly falls into the category of those that are fairly reliable. At first, the essay writer we were paired up with was available and very responsive during all stages of writing. However, once they have deliver the finished paper, we realized that is was lacking some data, so we asked for a revision, which the writer accepted. But, what we got back was our paper with a few sentences reworded and expanded, and not much else. We had to ask them revise it again, and therefor lost precious time. Again, they are not unreliable, but be prepared to waste a bit of time due to papers that are sometimes lacking.


When it comes to the price of their essay writing, you will be pleased to find that EssayHave will not be too harsh on your wallet. Luckily, they are well-aware of the fact that their customers are high school and college students without much money to burn, so they go easy on the prices, which is commendable. However, keep in mind that the quality of their writing may vary, depending on the literary skills of the writer writing your paper. They are very affordable, but the results they produce acceptable, not brilliant.


If you are looking for some sort of discount or a special offer, this is not the best place to be. Not only will you not get the best essay for your money, but you will also have to pay a full price for it the first time, which is not the usual practice in the industry. However, they do offer a 5% discount once the volume of your orders exceeds more than $500, 10% if you order more than $1000 worth of their services, and 15% for more than $2000. This is ok, but it’s hard to imagine anyone ordering this many papers in order to enjoy the benefit of a discount.


EssayHave is a decent writing service that offers papers written on time, for the most part, and which are of average quality. Nothing too flashy, and nothing too cringe-worthy. They are not expensive, but they don’t offer much in terms of special offers either. Review – Is It Legit?

If you start searching for the top essay services online, you’ll certainly come across several recommendations for This website has earned quite a reputation in the custom-writing industry. Students love it mainly because of the great quality and reasonable prices, but the company has other advantages over other companies. In this essay service review, we’ll evaluate several aspects of this company, with the intention to help you decide whether or not it’s the right choice for your needs.

Types of Services

One of the strengths this company has is the versatility of services. The team of writers includes MA and PhD experts in several disciplines, including art, business, drama, biology, psychology, literature, communications, education, literature, engineering, philosophy, political science, and much more. The types of services are separated in few categories:

  • Essay writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Assignment help
  • College application essay writing
  • Personal statement help
  • Resume writing
  • Proofreading, editing, and formatting service

The academic writing services are really versatile and they include all types of projects students need, such as case studies, business plans, lab reports, PowerPoint presentations, and more. The resume writing assistance provided by NinjaEssays is especially attractive, since it’s much more affordable when compared to the offer of professional resume writing services.


The team of professional academic writers is the main factor that makes Ninja Essays one of the best essay services online. Although students are certainly concerned about the level of quality they receive, their main concern is the price. Fortunately, this company has set an affordable pricing system that enables all students to order their papers online.

For most types of projects, there are three quality levels available to choose from: standard, premium, and platinum. If you’re ordering an essay or another type of paper that’s not too long and complicated, you’ll be able to set the deadline from 10 days to 3 hours. Dissertations come in four quality levels: undergraduate, Master, specialized, and PhD, and you can set the deadline from 2 months to 48 hours.

● The prices for essays start from $19.99 for standard quality combined with the longest deadline of 10 days. The highest quote per page, set for platinum quality with a deadline of 3 hours, is $52.99.

● The prices for dissertation range between $18.99 and $46.99 per page.

● Editing assistance, which is quite popular among students who write their own papers but want to make them perfect before submission, is priced from $10.99 to $26.99. There is only one level of quality for this service, and you can order it with a deadline from 10 days to 3 hours.

You can easily calculate the final price for your specific type of project if you use the price chart available at the website.


When you use the Ninja Essays price chart to calculate how much your paper is going to cost, you’ll get a clear estimation of the final price. However, that’s not the price you’ll pay. All customers get discounts at this website, regardless of their status as new or returning users.

You can use a discount code to reduce the price of your first order for 15%. According to the discount policy of the company, the customers who return for more services get discounts, too. The policy is based upon the volume of pages the customer accumulates throughout the orders. Thus, you’ll get 5% price reduction when you order 15-50 pages; 10% when your orders reach 51-100 pages; and a permanent discount of 15% when the number of pages you order exceeds 100.

Summary is a great service for students who want to order papers online. The website looks very professional and it contains all information you need. The prices are transparent, and they are quite affordable given the level of quality the writers deliver.

The customer support system at the website is also quite effective. The agents are non-stop available via live chat, and you don’t have to create a profile to start communicating with them. There are two other contact options: phone number and email.

The company’s guarantees make students feel safe. They get free revisions upon request, as well as fair refunds if they decide to cancel the order at any point. NinjaEssays is an extremely safe and confidential service, which solely delivers 100% plagiarism-free content tailored in accordance with the requirements of the users.

The blog at this website is great. It’s a source of useful tips for students, news from the area of education, and sample essays that can serve as an example of proper academic writing.

In conclusion, this is definitely a service that deserves your attention. It’s a safe choice for students who are looking for strong guarantees, versatility of services, fair prices, and great quality. Review – Is It Legit?

Essay on Time is a top reliable essay &dissertation writing service. The company puts at the disposal of students plenty of writing services at affordable costs. The website of the company is extremely user friendly, and there are many ways in which students can contact the writers. They can use the instant chat option, call directly or send an email for enquiries.

Those looking for reliable and fast essay services can now get free quotes online. This service allows students to enquire about the cost and any other details, based on a free quote. The login area on the website is SSL certified and secured, which means that all sensitive personal information is 100% protected.

Essay on Time is a top reliable essay &dissertation writing service. The company puts at the disposal of students plenty of writing services at affordable costs. The website of the company is extremely user friendly, and there are many ways in which students can contact the writers. They can use the instant chat option, call directly or send an email for enquiries.

Types of Services

The essay writing company provides a very wide range of writing solutions. These include essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, personal statement, admission essays, case studies, movie reviews, editing and even lab reports. The versatility and high quality of the services offered bring this company the reputation it has today.
The writers hold high academic degrees in their respective fields, and they are capable of undertaking any difficulty level of writing. Students can order papers written by experts with MA degrees or even with Doctorate (PhD) degrees.

The services list is split into different categories such as Admission Services, Dissertation & Thesis writing services, Assignments, Editing Services, and General Writing services. The team is made up of 700+ top quality writers ready to provide the best essay services to students, graduates or undergraduates. They also provide speech &presentation writing for those who attend important conferences.


The mission statement of the company is to offer truly high qualityservices at an affordable cost. This is why, the management has come up with a clear and see through payment schedule. There are no hidden fees and charges, and students only pay for the exact number of pages that they need. The prices are displayed in different currencies for International students to understand the schedule. However, prices in USD are as follows:

– Standardquality papers: for a deadline of 10 days, the cost us only $19.99. For a more urgent deadline of 48 hours the cost is $32.99, while for an extremely short deadline of 3 hours the cost is $41.99 per page.

– PremiumQuality writing- for a deadline of 10 days, students need to pay $21.99 per page.

For more urgent deadlines such as 24 hours, the cost is $36.99, while for the 3 hour deadline they will have to pay $43.99.

– Platinum quality writing- for the deadline of 10 days, the cost is $23.99.

For a short deadline of 24 hours, the cost is $40.99 while for 12 hours the cost is $44.99. For the most urgent deadline of 3 hours only, the cost for Platinum writing s $52.99 per page.

In order to better assess the prices, it is important to know details about the standard format. Typically, the cost is for one page that has 225 words double spaced or 550 words single spaced, written in 12pt Times New Roman, and the pages have only 1 inch margins on all sides.


When it comes to the discounts, this company offers plenty. For orders between 15 and 50 pages, the customer receives an instant 5% discount from the total order. Then, for orders between 51 and 100 pages the discount is 10%, while for orders that exceed 100 pages the discount is 15%. There are also plenty of free features included with any order. These include a free Title Page, free Bibliography, free formatting for any academic style, and also free order tracking.

To enlarge the spectrum of bonuses, this company also offers free unlimited revisions for different papers, free e-mail delivery and a free essay writing guide for students. As further bonuses, the company promises a free plagiarism report with your order, constant VIP support and the custom paper is written by one of the Top 10 writers available. Even the top essay writing service reviews will not include as many bonuses and special deals as the ones offered by Essay On Time.


Students who do not have the time or the skills to complete their writing assignments will benefit greatly from these services. The solutions are easily accessible online, and students can save plenty of money with each order they place. Yet another huge advantage isthat they receive a free essay writing guide and they can discuss directly with the writer any important details about the project.

The prices are friendly, considering the tight budget of a student. They can also choose from different writing styles and academic levels, and their paper will be always completed by an expert in that field. Considering today’s generally high prices for academic writing, Essay on Time offers budget friendly solutions for any student or undergraduate. Review – Is It Legit?

RushMyEssay provides very generous discounts and special deals. For the first time order, the company offers a huge 22% discount from the total cost of the order. Customers just need to use the code ‘Rush 22’ and the discount is automatically applied to their order at checkout. Even the best essays services reviews cannot mention such a big discount for first time orders!

Then, every time a customer places an order with this service, they will get a discount of $65. They provide free title pages, free outlines, free formatting and free bibliography pages and thus students can save a lot of money on their order. For orders between 15 and 50 pages, they will apply an automatic discount of 5%. For papers between 51 and 100 pages long the discount is 10%. For papers that are 100+ pages long, the discount is 15%.

Throughout the year, this service offers the so called seasonal discounts. When an important holiday is coming up such as Black Friday or Halloween, they offer between 20% and even 30% total discounts on each order. Students just need to check the websitefrequently and look for such seasonal discounts.

This essay writing service offers everything students need. The team of writers is ready to undertake writing projects on any possible subject, and any deadline urgency. The company welcomes students with an extremely user friendly website. There, they can read all the information needed regarding services provided, prices, special deals and discounts.

The best essays are the ones completed by writers with high academic achievements. RushMyEssay hires only highly skilled writers with a proven track record and many years of experience in the field. The team is made up of highly educated writers, but also researchers, editors and proofreaders. Together, they assist students with the most complex writing assignments for high school, college or university. The website has an extremely useful tab called ‘Site Activity Today’. Here, students can check the number of completed orders, andthe number of live chat and phone operators available.

Types of Services

This service provides a full spectrum of writing related services. These include: custom essays, personal statements, case studies, research papers, term papers, Dissertation/ Dissertation proposals, book reports and lab reports. For high school students they provide live homework help and article critique. There are different writing levels that students can choose from: Standard, Premium and Platinum. However, all types of writing orders are completed by top qualified writers holding important MA or PhD degrees.

The best essay service reviews will always discuss the importance of offering a wide range of writing services to students. Students do not have to continuously search for another service for the various writing assignments they get in college. This service offers everything under the same roof- from short essays to complex critiques and conference speeches.

After the writers finish the order, the papers will be sent to an expert in-house editor. He will check thoroughly the entire paper, and ensure to edit and proofread it to perfection. This company will never send out papers that contain grammatical or stylistic errors, or plagiarized content.


The prices charged by this service are tailored to suit the budget of a student. The experts understand that students cannot afford to spend a fortune of writing services. This is why, they came up with a payment schedule that is accessible to anyone. For one page written in Standardquality for a deadline of 10 days, the cost is only $19.99. For the same level of writing but a deadline of only 24 hours, the cost is $34.99.

Then, Premium quality writing is also affordable. For one page with a deadline of 7 days, the cost is $22.99. For a deadline of 3 days, the fee is $26.99, while for an extremely urgent deadline of 3 hours, the cost is $43.99. There is also Platinum quality available: $23.99 for a 10 day deadline, $27.99 for 4 days, and $52.99 for a tight 3-hour deadline. It can be easily noted that the price difference between premium and platinum quality are minimal.


RushMyEssay provides very generous discounts and special deals. For the first time order, the company offers a huge 22% discount from the total cost of the order. Customers just need to use the code ‘Rush 22’ and the discount is automatically applied to their order at checkout. Even the best essays services reviews cannot mention such a big discount for first time orders!

Then, every time a customer places an order with this service, they will get a discount of $65. They provide free title pages, free outlines, free formatting and free bibliography pages and thus students can save a lot of money on their order. For orders between 15 and 50 pages, they will apply an automatic discount of 5%. For papers between 51 and 100 pages long the discount is 10%. For papers that are 100+ pages long, the discount is 15%.

Throughout the year, this service offers the so called seasonal discounts. When an important holiday is coming up such as Black Friday or Halloween, they offer between 20% and even 30% total discounts on each order. Students just need to check the website frequently and look for such seasonal discounts.


This custom essay and dissertation writing service helps students achieve the best grades. The company guarantees maximum confidentiality and perfect personal data protection. Students do not have to worry about anything. They just need to place the order and then wait for the results in the email.

With so many discounts and special deals accumulating, students can save even up to $80 or more per each order. This is an important amount, considering today’s prices for such quality assignment writing services. The fact that they offer such a wide range of solutions helps students get the peace of mind they need. They will receive assistance with every type of writing assignment from essays and up to complex research papers and Dissertation/Thesis papers writing. Review – Is It Legit? is the industry leader in providing custom-written projects of all types. Located in the United States and certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), they are a reliable, friendly, customer-centered company that has served a diverse and very satisfied clientele for over a decade.

This is a top-notch essay writing service which offers paper writing solutions for college students. The prices are very affordable, considering the low available budget of a student. In college, students are overwhelmed with writing tasks, and such a service can assist them with every task they need. The team of highly skilled writers delivers the papers always on time, respecting all the instructions and requests of the customer.

Such a college paper writing service can help students achieve the academic results they want. A teacher will never find out that the paper was not written by the student, because the company guarantees maximum confidentiality. There are many benefits that speak in favor of hiring the services of a top quality essay writing service for college related assignments. Many students work on the easiest writing projects themselves and outsource the complex tasks to such a service. It is fast, convenient and affordable to get quality assistance through a college paper writing company.

Types of Services offers a varied range of writing services, including: essays, research papers, term papers, case studies or Dissertations. The companyalso offers specialAdmission essay writing solutions for students getting ready to apply to college. These essays need to be written by highly skilled experts, because the essay itself will help students get admitted into college.

All of the papers are custom tailored to the exact needs and requirements of the customer. Students just need to inform the writers about all the instructions. They must include the exact number of pages, the possible title, research material, references and resources that should be used. Then, a top writer will be assigned to the project.

He will start the research phase, and then get down to writing the paper. When ready, the paper is sent to the editor and then to the proofreader. As a last phase, the paper is double checked, and itwill be sent to the customer via email. The order process is very quickand simple, and it takes only a few minutes to fill out the form.


Even the best essay review out there will always mention the prices charged by a paper writing service. charges incredibly low prices for the excellent quality work provided. Prices are displayed in different currencies in order to appeal to international students as well. Students will find an easy to follow payment table displayed on the main website. Here, each style of writing or urgency level is assigned the afferent price. For example, one page of Standard quality writing with a deadline of 10 days costs $19.99. Then, for a deadline of 48 hours the price is $32.99, while for an extremely urgent deadline of 3 hours the cost is $41.99 per page.

For Premium quality writing, the price per page starts at $21.99 (10 days deadline). The same quality, but with a deadline of 24 hours the price is $36.99 per page. Platinum quality is the highest academic level writing available, usually done by a writer holding a PhD degree. The cost per page for Platinum quality for a deadline of 10 days is $23.99/page.

The same quality, but for a deadline of 48 hours costs $36.99, while for a deadline of only 3 hours the charge is $52.99 per page. As mentioned on the website, the Platinum quality writing with a deadline of 48 hours is the most popular choice, and it comes with a free VIP phonesupport feature.


This top essay services review will prove that the company offers some of the best special deals and discounts in the market. The company allows students to make great savings on top quality college paper writing services. The website welcomes customers with a super-fast, one time discount for any order. Students receive an instant 10% discount on any paper, any difficulty level. The students just have to use the code ‘Urgent 10’ at the checkout and the discount will be automatically applied.

Then, there are speciallytailored discount programs for loyal customers. There is the 5% off discount silver, applicable to orders between 15 and 50 pages. There is also a 15% off Platinumdiscount program available for students who accumulated 101 pages in orders already. Once the order reaches that amount of pages, the discount will become permanent for any order placed in the future. The 10%off Gold is tailored for orders between 51 and 100 pages.


This college paper writing service has been voted best choice by students from all over the world. All the papers are 100% custom written respecting the instructions given by thecustomer. The writers also hold important MA and PhD degrees in relevant fields, and they can provide any academic citation style needed.

Students also love this service because it guarantees privacy and confidentiality of their personal data. Moreover, they have a flexible customer service available on a 24/7 basis. Students can easily contact their favorite writer any time of the day or night, and this is what truly matters. pride themselves in 100% outstanding quality services that are customized to the meet the needs of the clients. Our comprehensive policies guide every process of our transaction with you. In addition, Quality Control Department ensures that all instructions and specifications are followed. A compulsory routine involves plagiarism checks to ascertain authenticity and originality of the work before delivering it to the customer.

Not only does AceMyHomework guarantee you unique service but also privacy to prevent divulging information to third parties. Feel secure to transact with best paper writing service because your work cannot be traced back to our company. Review – Is It Legit?

This writing solutions company provides a wide range of services for students, graduates or undergraduates. The reputation of the company is clearly reflected in its experience. The essay service has a positive presence on the market since 1997. One of the most outstanding features is that customers can stay in direct contact with the writer assigned to their project. They can use the instant chat option to discuss details of the project, or to track the progress of their essay or Dissertation.

Types of Services

Students can enjoy a wide palette of writing services provided through BestEssays. They offer essays writing, Research Paper writing, coursework, Term Papers, Case Study creation, Dissertation services, Admission services, and Resume writing. Writing any of these papers is quite time consuming for students, so the services can help them save plenty of precious time.

The writers always deliver the work to the exact deadline required. The team is made up of professional writers with relevant academic achievements in their specific fields. They complete papers and assignments in Literature, History, Geography, Economics and many other subjects. Students can also choose among different academic levels, such as Standard, Premium or Platinum Quality. This is the best essay service you will find out there, because writers accept assignments even on a very short deadline (such as within 3 hours).

They have also introduced a range of new services which includes Mind & Concept Mapping, Multimedia Projects, Online Assignments and Simulation Reports.


The company charges extremely budget friendly prices. Students can also choose between different academic levels of writing, with Standard being the cheapest and Platinum the most expensive. Even so, Platinum grade writing completed by a PhD writer costs only $26.99 per page for a deadline of 10 days. At Standard Quality, for a deadline of 10 days, students are charged only $21.99 per page.

Premium Quality is often the most popular option, and prices are as follows: $23.99 for 10 days deadline, $26.99 for 5 days deadline, and $43.99 for a 24 hour deadline. It is important that students place their orders in time, and then they can save precious amounts of money.

This fantastic essay writing service also provides writing services for very short deadlines such as 6 hours or 3 hours. One page of Premium Quality for a 6 hour deadline costs $51.99, while one page at Platinum quality costs $56.99. Students who choose Premium quality writing, will benefit of the following: direct contact with the writer, Free add-ons, progress notifications, quality assurance department proofreading, completion by top 10 writers, VIP support and SMS notification when order is completed.


Even the best essay writing services review will always include reference to discounts and special deals. Many students will select their writing service based on the types of benefits the company offers. At, students can benefit of a wide range of advantageous bonuses and specials:

  • Instant 15% off for first time orders. Students are encouraged to try the services of the company with such a generous discount.
  • There is a discount code available for free on the website. Customers will have to insert this code at the checkout, and the discounts will be instantly added to their order.
  • Customers ordering 101+ pages will get an instant 15% discount off their order
  • For orders between 51 and 100 pages, the discount is 10%
  • Instant 5% discount of the total order for orders between 1 and 51 pages.
  • Free title page, free outline, free bibliography and free amendments

This company knows how to appreciate the loyalty of its customers. The experts continuously strive to maintain their good reputation and to attract more clients through special deals. Loyal buyers will receive more and more discounts over time. Customers can effortlessly jump from a 5% discount to a 15% or 20% discount.

Moreover, every day, the company upgrades its special bonus page. One day you can place an order for only $7.99 per page. Some other day you will notice that by using a code you can benefit of 20% instant discount.


BestEssays provides ease of use, comfort and great prices on their writing services. Students can choose among multiple solutions and writing styles that fit their needs. Another benefit is that students can place orders for all types of assignments under the same roof. With more orders, the number of discounts also increases, so students can save important amounts of money.

Instead of using trial and error services, BestEssays provides a safe and secure channel for all writing projects. Those with limited budgets can place cheaper orders, and still enjoy discounts and special deals. The free features section is also constantly updated, to help students save even more money. For top quality writing projects and truly affordable prices, is the smartest choice. Review – Is It Legit?

This essay writing company has a modern website, full of customers’ testimonials. Everybody who has tried has only words of praise for it. Students were happy with the great quality received in a surprisingly short amount of time. Moreover, they were happy that they did not have to pay a fortune for these papers.

The service says to work with professional essay writers who have even decades of experience in this field. Also, they are highly educated and hold Master and Doctoral degrees from ivy-league universities from all around the world.

Types of services

This website has got top essay writing reviews from clients all over the world. These were students who had a way too busy life in order to be able to complete tons of papers for every class. Fortunately, they found a trust worthy help in the team of As a result, most customers are always coming back for more essays.

Like all good essay writing services, can provide a wide range of papers. Due to the writers’ versatility, clients can ask for essays on any subject, no matter how difficult or urgent. The important thing is to collaborate as much as possible with the team, so that the final product may be as customized as it can get.
The company offers essay writing services, term paper help, research papers, custom essay writing, and writing services. This is the basic assistance offered that students of any educational level can benefit from. Customers can come from any part of the world and ask for essay services, as long as they need these papers in English.
Then, the services are divided on different academic levels like this – high school services, bachelor services, dissertation writing services, master services and doctoral services. Each type of paper is different in the expertise level of the data used, in the language employed, in the complexity of the theories, in the examples offered, and of course, in length.


Taking into account the company’s reputation, the prices are really affordable. However, they depend on many factors like the type of paper, the number of pages ordered, the urgency, the subject area, and the quality level.
For instance, an essay can go from $21.99 per page (for standard quality and 10 days delivery), to $46.99 per page (for the same quality level, but due to be completed in no more than 3 hours). Then, for the premium quality level, the cheapest essay costs $24.99 per page (10 day deadline), and the most expensive one is $49.99 per page (deliverable in 3 hours).

Then, a research paper due to be delivered in 24 hours costs $33.99 per page for standard quality and $39.99 per page for premium quality level. If you want the same paper in five days, the prices go lower – $25.99 per page for standard quality and $31.99 per page for premium quality.

The standard quality level includes access to the writer’s background, the possibility of directly contacting the writer, free adds-on, and progress notifications. The premium quality level has all these features and more – the essay will be proofread by quality assurance department, the paper will be completed by one of the top ten writers of the company, clients get order completion SMS notifications, and the service provides VIP support for customers.


This online writing company offers a great discount for new customers. Those who have never worked with benefit from 25% off for their first order. There are no other discounts or free features listed on the website, but the service has nice offers for every client, depending on his/her ordering history. Customers just have to provide their e-mail address to the customer support center and they will be informed about the next discount they are entitled to.

Don’t worry, the agents are always online and the answers come extremely quickly!
Personalized discounts are great, because clients don’t have to rush to get the last moment’s offer. Students can rest assure that no matter when they get back to buy another essay, the company will make them an irresistible offer.


In conclusion, this writing website deserves its impressive reputation. The company works with professional and experienced writers and proofreaders, and this is easy to see in the final results and in the clients’ high satisfaction level. The services offered are clearly structured on all academic levels, from high school to doctoral studies, and the prices are affordable for every student around the globe.

The company also offers discounts to both new and loyal customers – these are personalized and depend on everyone’s ordering history. In the end, students can choose if they want to benefit from standard or premium services, depending on their budget possibilities. Review – Is It Legit?

RushEssay is a custom paper writing service aimed at helping students with their projects. The company provides professional academic writing solutions on a wide range of topics. This is one of the best essay writing services established in 1997, assisting students on a national and international level. The team of professional writers is available on a 24/7 basis to answer all questions or concerns, and to assist with placing the orders.

According to estimates, up to 92% of first time customers keep returning for more services when they need them. This reflects that RushEssay is a company with a powerful reputation and trustworthiness. Each and every writer in the team holds a relevant academic degree in a certain field, and the company guarantees to deliver plagiarism free, top quality work.

Types of Services

This company provides a diverse range of writing solutions. They offer general writing services, but also Dissertation solutions, Resume writing and Admission services. The team of writers can assist students with custom tailored essays, Research Papers in any field, Coursework & Case Study, Term Papers and top quality editing services.

Their Admission services comprise Admission essay writing, Scholarship Essay writing, personal statement writing and editing. Students who want to make sure their admission is successful, can count on the professionalismof the writers at RushEssay. The company has a quick and easy 4 step ordering process: students place the order, submit the payment, the writers start researching/ writing the paper and deliver it by the deadline.

The good news is that the writers are capable of undertaking even orders on a very short deadline, such as writing essays within 3 hours only. For outstandingresults, students can get their paper created by top 10 writers, proofreading done by professional editors and enjoy top VIP support.


This best essay service review proves that RushEssay charges the most budget friendly prices. Students can choose the type of product they need (essay, personal statement, research paper, etc.) and select the number of pages required. Then, they can choose between Standard, Advanced and Premium level writing.

Standard is the most affordable, starting at $22.95/ page for a deadline of 10 days. Advanced level writing is the most popular, and prices for a 10 day deadline start at $24.95 per page. If students need their papers on a more urgent basis, they will pay up to $50.95 for a 3 hour deadline per page.

Premium level writing is intended for studentswho need dissertations, Master’s Thesis writing or speeches for conferences. The project will be always completed by a top writer with a PhD degree in a relevant field. Premium level writing starts at $26.95/ page for a 10-day deadline, $32.95 for a 4-days deadline or $54.95 for a 3-hour deadline.

The writing is alwaysunique, original and extremely creative. Each and every page is edited twice and proofread to perfection. The company offersplagiarism free guarantee, so students can get the peace of mind they need when placing the order.


RushEssay offers plenty of generous discounts. Even the most outstanding online essay writing services reviewscannot make proof of such important special deals, bonuses and discounts. RushEssay offers 15% off the first order, and this is a special deal intended for anyone placing an order above $30. Next, the service offers a climb-up style discount program. As students place more orders with the company, they will also receive higher and higher discounts and deals. This loyalty program helps students achieve a level of permanent discounts applied to all their orders.

For 14+ pages ordered, students receive an instant 5% off their order. Then, RushEssay offers many bonuses to anyone placing an order. These include: free outline, free unlimited amendments worth $30, free title page, free bibliography, and free formatting worth $10. The total savings with the help of these bonuses reaches $65 per order.


This essay writing services company offers great assistance to high school or college students. The prices are very budget friendly, and the there are many great savings opportunities available. Students just need to become members, and they will have their own login area, where they can keep track of all bonuses and special deals offered.

The writerspromise to deliver work at any urgency level, and on any subject required. Students can also have direct contact with the writers, which is a great point when it comes to an important writing project. Free revisions are also provided as many times as needed, and the company takes privacy issues extremely seriously. All the rights to the paper/s are transferred to the customer immediately as the order is completed. Students can share, print, download or present these papers as their own. The rights belong 100% to the student, and nobody willfind out this is a paper written by someone else.